December 23, 2010

The Weasley Sweater!

I finally finished it! I finally finished the Weasley sweater that I have been working on for the last semester. It's amazing how long it takes to knit a sweater when you have schoolwork, work, and the occasional track practice to deal with, not to mention time with friends, and eating meals. I'm probably preaching to the choir! Nonetheless, I was able to buckle down and in the midst of watching 2 Bollywood movies, an anime series (embarrassing, but true), and Season 1 of Dead Like Me I completed my sweater.

My sister helped me with a photo-shoot and I edited some pictures together.

I used the pattern found in Charmed Knits, but it's also posted online at The K is added in duplicate stitch. This worked much better and turned out much better than Intarsia, which I had done on a previous Weasley sweater.
The next time I knit a Weasley sweater it will be for my children or a baby. No more big person knitting jobs.

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