December 30, 2010

Memorable Moments from Twenty-Ten

Memorable Moments from Twenty-Ten
With vital tidbits I learned along the way that have been essential to my survival.

1. Traveling to Burma
Take every opportunity to see the World.
Work everyday to make it better.  

2. Being Maid of Honor
Use the Maid of Honor speech to make the crowd laugh
by calling out the Groom for making fun of your last name, 
because girl you are REAL if nothing else. 

3. Seeing Lady Gaga LIVE
Your parents are THE coolest. The End. 

4. Weasley Sweaters 
How can you be unhappy with a sweater that has a letter on the front of it?
Red Vines, anyone? 

5. Being a Camp Counselor 
Find something that you can LOVE about every camper and hold onto that. 
Never doubt that you will be guided to where you need to be. 

6. Happy Birthday Jesus! Cake & Christmas T-Rex = Awesome Roommate  
People really will laugh with you. 
Be CRAZY if you want. 

7. Marian & Jesse 
Your Best Friend For Life may be sitting right across from you at lunch if you look up. 

8. Attending the Rally to Restore Sanity
If you want to go somewhere with cool people then GO! 

9. Being a Member of IYC: Meetings, Retreats, Stuffing Parties & Roundtable! 
Never take for granted the people in your life. 
They can save you.  
And LOVE will protect you from the star attacks. 

10. When in doubt: JUMP! 
You couldn't frown while jumping even if you tried. 
Go ahead. I dare ya. 

Happy New Years, Friends!
May Love and Opportunity abound with you in 2011! 
Peace and Love, 


  1. LOVE. Love Love Love. I LOVE THIS. You are the coolest person ever! I guess that's why we're BFFs!!! Thanks for existing. :)

  2. This is beautiful Katie! I love the pictures and words of wisdom!!!!<3