February 1, 2014

Love Languages

How do you communicate to the people around you that you love them? When do you feel loved by others?

One of my favorite things in existence is the survey on Love Languages. A Love Language just like any other language is a form of communication, with others. Love Languages aren't just expressed through significant other kind of love - they apply to friends, kids, housemates, etc. The five different Love Languages, developed by Gary Chapman, show the different ways that people express Love to each other. They are: Quality Time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, and Words of Affirmation. You can find more information about all of them on his website: www.5lovelanguages.com.
My two strongest Love Languages that I like to receive are: Quality Time and Acts of Service. Love Languages can change over time, but mine are usually quite strong on the Quality Time and Acts of Service range.

QT means that I really feel loved when others set aside time to really be with me. I feel loved spending one-on-one time with people that I really care about. This also means that distractions, interrupting or not listening to me, and post-poned dates/activites can hurt my feelings. I received a 10 on QT and the highest score is a 12. AoS means that when someone serves me (kindly washes my dishes for me out of the blue or helps me carry the groceries in) it means the world to me! Creating more work for me or breaking commitments might make me feel unappreciated.

My best friend Marian is coming to visit me at the end of February. I am so excited because I have never had a chance to host her in my own space. I've often mad the trip to Pennsylvania to see her and her husband Jesse. We are planning to have a girls weekend full of adventures, intentional talks, and good (healthy!) food! This girl knows that I feel SO, SO LOVED by Quality Time and I can't wait for our quality weekend together! We don't have set in stone plans, apart from breathing the same air for a weekend!

PS - This picture reminds me how much I miss Chaco weather and shorts. 

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