June 27, 2011

India here I come: Goals Edition

Hello there India! I'm headed your way!

Dad and I went out to dinner the other night and he asked me what some of my goals were for India. So, I decided I'd sit down before I leave and reflect on some things I hope to get out of this study abroad experience.

I hope to... 
have an openness to new smells, tastes, and sights. 
meet people who are vastly different from myself. 
greet someone in their native tongue, but not mine. 
take my shoes off and stand on holy ground. 
feel uncomfortable. 
be placed outside of my comfort zone. 
dance, eat, learn, and pray with new people. 
be challenged in my views. 
learn from different faiths and faith teachers. 
lead at times and follow at others. 
wear clothes I didn't get in America. 
reflect on my new-found minority status.  
walk along busy streets.
learn the customs of a different culture.
listen to new stories.
possess a willingness and an openness to share myself with others.
dance and sing to new songs.

Holy Cow, India! Katie is on her way!

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