March 10, 2011

Lol-tastic? Ugh. Seriously.

So, one day into my abbreviated word experiment - I have realized that my tongue can be much quicker than my brain. Everyone has experience with this, right? Well, my family and I were playing Scrabble and having a jovial time. My dad says something hilarious in response to my sister and I respond with,

"That was


I cringed. It had come out - abbreviated and combined word vomit. I blame...lack of sleep, the late hour, and all of my brain cells were focused on making a word out of N, T, T, X, R, R, O. In order to compensate for this gross creation of a word, I present some of the words I discovered while reading for Social Inequality: Closing Time by Joe Queenan. 
Mordant (adj) - biting and caustic in thought, manner or style.
Puckish (adj) - having or showing desire to cause trouble in a playful or harmless way.
Inert (adj) - lacking the ability to move.
Cochleae (n) - a hollow tube in the inner ear of higher vertebrates that is usually coiled like a snail shell and contains the sensory organ of hearing.
Ocelots (n) - a medium-sized American wildcat (Felis pardalis) that ranges from Texas to northern Argentina and has a tawny-yellow or grayish coat dotted and striped with black.

Jeremiad (n) - a prolonged lamentation or complaint

*Definitions from Merriam Webster Online

March 9, 2011

This is why I love my friends...

1. Jumping Picture. 
2. Snarky facebook comment exchange that makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. 

<3 K

An Introduction to Lent 2011

I didn't begin to "give up"  or commit to a change for Lent until I came to college. Freshman year - I decided  to wear a prayer bonnet. Like this:

Which was very common in our denomination before the 1900s. Sophomore year - I gave up Facebook for 40 Days, which seems to be a classic for college students.
This year, I've decided to give up abbreviated words. While you might laugh and say, "That's silly" or "Big deal!" My friends often tease me for my use of abbreviated words, including totes, presh, obvi, and whatevs. A friend has joked that I'm ruining the English language.

I've also become increasingly aware of my improper use of the word "like." Whenever I go home, my Dad WILL give me a hard time if I overuse like. He'll interrupt me by saying "LIKE! LIKE! LIKE!" I get the picture.  He's helped me to become more aware of my usage, but also my peers so that I become slightly annoyed by their over-usage. Really annoyed. I haven't jumped to saying "LIKE! LIKE! LIKE!" in their faces.

Instead of just giving up abbreviated words and the word like - I'm going to be posting a word of the day. Hopefully, every day. That would be my ultimate goal. However, it may just be Word Conscious Wednesdays? Lent is going to be a busy season for me, but the goal is to make a commitment to something everyday and so I may be posting it. Basically, we'll see.

Words Forbidden:

Words Allowed:
Acronyms (ie: BSM, NCP, NASA)

March 4, 2011

Frustrations abound? BAKE!

This day started off great. I mean, it's Rad Day Plaid Day! What's not to love about that!?

However, the past week my roommate and I have been experiencing an emotional roller coaster as we try to figure out housing for next year. There have been moments where we thought things were figured out and then they've fallen through...multiple times. So, it's been a bit gut-wrenching, as we've been trying to find two more girls to live with. Ideally we'd like to be in an apartment of some form, which requires four, but we'll make the most of any situation that we end up in.

After coming home and having another bail roommate wise - I made cookies. Danielle has dubbed them Katie's Favorite Things Cookies. :D They contain all of my favorite things including banana, oatmeal, peanut butter, and chocolate chips! I snagged the recipe from here, but you know how I do...I replaced the butter for applesauce and we added Danielle's M&M's.
Also, do I look like a lumberjack or what!? Definitely rugged, right?

Then my lovely friend Tricia came over and the three of us worked on homework in the living room. It was lovely. We had good times and Danielle had to shush our laughing.

My Spring Break starts tomorrow!! I can hardly believe it - this semester is zooming by! I'm road tripping with Tricia and Courtney to Indiana to visit Bethany Seminary. I'm hoping to visit some friends at Manchester, too, while I'm at it. Then I come back and it's full swing into Housing Sign ups and ROUNDTABLE 2011!

Oh, well, I think we're over this housing thing. Whatever happens. Happens. Things will be okay.

Have a lovely weekend. I'm certain I will.

<3 K

March 2, 2011

Re-thinking Fairytales

My favorite tumblr account is Fosterhood. She blogs about the ins and outs of being a foster parent in NYC. Recently, her foster child (referred to under the pseudonymn Jacket for her safety) was asking for a bed time story and she wanted it to feature a Princess. So, she told her this story:
“Once upon a time there was a very inquisitive princess who loved plants. She wanted to be a botany researcher so when she went to school she listened to her teacher, finished her homework and did extra reading for fun. She worked so hard that she was accepted to a good college where she majored in biology. She then went to a different school and earned a master’s degree in molecular genetics. Afterward she was offered an awesome job working at a nature conservancy where she played with plants all day long. The End.” (fosterhood) 
Which got me to thinking of how as a society we need to re-think our fairy-tales, because Disney princesses aren't cutting it. Our girls need stories about strong, independent women who have worked hard and passionately for what they value. Stories of women who are comfortable in their singleness. Stories about lesbian, bi, and transgendered women.

All societies and cultures have some form of beginning story or creation story to help illustrate their history or to help explain how they got to this point. The stories often help express in imagery and myth the reasoning behind their values and beliefs. For example, Christians have the creation story of Adam and Eve. A predominant piece of the Genesis story is the creation of Original Sin, thanks to women, namely Eve. So, women start off as irresponsible, weak, tricky, etc. etc. etc. The stories that get told to children are so important in helping them to understand their place and roles in society. They need strong role models, instead of weak women who rely on men, especially Prince Charming.  

My favorite Disney Princesses were Mulan and Pocahontas; honestly, I thought Cinderella and Snow White were boring. I did admire Belle's fondness for books. While, Mulan and Pocahontas's stories are about strong, independent women, who sometimes challenge their patriarchal figures, they all end with a happy union to a man. Would Pocahontas (the movie) have been as interesting if it was expressed as it truly happened? Does it make the action any less significant coming from a 10 year old, as opposed to a 20 year old woman in love? Disney's latest Princess, from the Princess and the Frog, revolves around a young woman from New Orleans who's attempting to pursue her dreams of opening her own restaurant. She's worked two jobs tirelessly in order to save enough money. She does end up getting the restaurant that she always wanted - after marrying the prince (although she does pay with her own money).

(They all end in a kiss:

I've also been realizing that there aren't many females heroes glorified in history or in our American legends. In Social Welfare, we talked about American Tall Tales as a representation of American values: Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, and John Henry to name a few. Who was missing? Women. What values do they represent? Strength, masculinity, self-reliance, etc. etc. etc. ALL of which are associated with men and NOT women.

So, Feminists, it's time to re-think our fairy-tales and write them anew. This month, when I have time amidst the crazy, I'm going to post my ideas of what our stories should look like. Some women have already blazed a trail leaving magnificent legacies in their wake. So, I'll be posting my own personal heroes and inspiring stories. I invite you to do the same or write your own! What do you think young girls should hear? What does the new fairy-tale look like?

Happy March, lovelies. It's gonna be great.

<3 K