March 1, 2015

Trash: Week Two

Each Sunday in the season of Lent I am going to post how much trash I have created in the previous week. This was my first full week of trash.
This week I trashed: 
- a "Wacky Mac" pasta bag
- the film top from a tofu container
- a straw I didn't have a chance to refuse
- apple cider vinegar top and freshness seal
- piece of tape from chili leftovers
- Klondike Bar wrapper
- two pieces of gum
- gum wrapper
- piece of floss
- plastic popcorn bag wrapper
- popcorn bag
- cereal bag
- two Emergen-C packs
- PET film of a Chipotle bowl

Things I avoided: 
Honestly, this week felt indulgent. I have a plenty of plastic and non-compostables or recyclables that are in the house that I have yet to use up. However, while I am using up these things...I don't have to go back to them. I can make new choices that won't produce the same trash.

Here are the Zero Waste alternatives to the waste I created this week:
- a "Wacky Mac" pasta bag: I can buy this bulk from a local co-op. 
- the film top from a tofu container: In theory, I should be able to get this bulk, but I haven't found a place, yet.
- a straw I didn't have a chance to refuse: Mention I don't want a straw when I place my order and don't open the straws set out on the table. 
- apple cider vinegar top and freshness seal: I can buy Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar at Whole Foods.
- piece of tape from chili leftovers: I don't have to mark my leftovers, or I could use a dry-erase marker.
- Klondike Bar wrapper: Refuse!
- two pieces of gum: Stop chewing gum!
- gum wrapper: No, really, stop chewing gum! 
- piece of floss: Invest in a gum stimulator
- plastic popcorn bag wrapper: Buy popcorn kernels in bulk! 
- popcorn bag: Bulk popcorn kernels! 
- cereal bag: Buy oatmeal, granola or cereal in bulk. 
- two Emergen-C packs: Eat lots of vegetables and take pill vitamins? I'm doing more research into this!
- PET film of a Chipotle bowl: Don't eat out! 

Transitions I made: 
- I finished my bagged popcorn and bought bulk popcorn kernels, so that I can make Zero Waste popcorn!
- I bought some bulk peanut butter from Whole Foods!

Things I learned this week: 
- How to pop Zero Waste a microwave!
- Chipotle bowls can be composted, if you remove the inside liner!
- I should mention I don't want a straw when I place my drink order.
- Zero Waste eating darn near impossible.


  1. I think you did well with minimizing trash for Lent. Buying in bulk is an excellent way to reduce trash such as wrappers and plastic containers.

  2. Katie, this is an excellent idea toward an awareness of material use! The goal of reaching Zero Waste is admirable and I would like to hear more of your thoughts on this as time allows.