March 9, 2011

An Introduction to Lent 2011

I didn't begin to "give up"  or commit to a change for Lent until I came to college. Freshman year - I decided  to wear a prayer bonnet. Like this:

Which was very common in our denomination before the 1900s. Sophomore year - I gave up Facebook for 40 Days, which seems to be a classic for college students.
This year, I've decided to give up abbreviated words. While you might laugh and say, "That's silly" or "Big deal!" My friends often tease me for my use of abbreviated words, including totes, presh, obvi, and whatevs. A friend has joked that I'm ruining the English language.

I've also become increasingly aware of my improper use of the word "like." Whenever I go home, my Dad WILL give me a hard time if I overuse like. He'll interrupt me by saying "LIKE! LIKE! LIKE!" I get the picture.  He's helped me to become more aware of my usage, but also my peers so that I become slightly annoyed by their over-usage. Really annoyed. I haven't jumped to saying "LIKE! LIKE! LIKE!" in their faces.

Instead of just giving up abbreviated words and the word like - I'm going to be posting a word of the day. Hopefully, every day. That would be my ultimate goal. However, it may just be Word Conscious Wednesdays? Lent is going to be a busy season for me, but the goal is to make a commitment to something everyday and so I may be posting it. Basically, we'll see.

Words Forbidden:

Words Allowed:
Acronyms (ie: BSM, NCP, NASA)

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