March 10, 2011

Lol-tastic? Ugh. Seriously.

So, one day into my abbreviated word experiment - I have realized that my tongue can be much quicker than my brain. Everyone has experience with this, right? Well, my family and I were playing Scrabble and having a jovial time. My dad says something hilarious in response to my sister and I respond with,

"That was


I cringed. It had come out - abbreviated and combined word vomit. I blame...lack of sleep, the late hour, and all of my brain cells were focused on making a word out of N, T, T, X, R, R, O. In order to compensate for this gross creation of a word, I present some of the words I discovered while reading for Social Inequality: Closing Time by Joe Queenan. 
Mordant (adj) - biting and caustic in thought, manner or style.
Puckish (adj) - having or showing desire to cause trouble in a playful or harmless way.
Inert (adj) - lacking the ability to move.
Cochleae (n) - a hollow tube in the inner ear of higher vertebrates that is usually coiled like a snail shell and contains the sensory organ of hearing.
Ocelots (n) - a medium-sized American wildcat (Felis pardalis) that ranges from Texas to northern Argentina and has a tawny-yellow or grayish coat dotted and striped with black.

Jeremiad (n) - a prolonged lamentation or complaint

*Definitions from Merriam Webster Online

1 comment:

  1. I have a jeremiad! The mordant way ocelets engage in is so ear piercing that it shatters my cochleae! It's so puckish, and I know I should not get upset about it. However, the noise makes me depressed and inert.

    That was my attempt at applying the new vocabulary you just taught me. =]