August 18, 2012

Greetings from Gate 5

Long time no see. How've you been? I'm doing well. 

Right now, I’m sitting in a regional airport FOUR HOURS early for my flight and soaking in my last few mountain views for awhile. I’ve traveled via plane for several years – so much so the magic of flying has died for me. Devastating? I know! After packing my bags I printed off my flight information to take to the airport. I looked at the “Checked Bag” pricing information, but for some reason DID NOT look at the FLIGHT TIMES. Who does that? Seriously. I had it in my head that my flight was at 10:30am and somehow my eyes didn’t see fit to give that information a once over. So, I woke up early and arrived a few hours early for my first flight.

Upon arrival, my conversation with the attendant went something like this.
Attendant: “For 75$ we can move you to the earlier flight at 11am.”
Me: “No, thank you.” I’ll just hang around the airport for 4 hours for FREE.

This was after she offered to move me to first class for $125 so that my two checked bags, which were each about a pound overweight, would be free. Again. “No, thank you.” I will remove the extra poundage and pay the regular checked bag fee.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m sitting in Gate 5 enjoying this view of green trees, blue mountains, and beautiful skies for a few hours before heading to Elgin. Oh, and the elementary aged brothers racing up the down escalator and attempting to run down the up escalator. Their laughter is so warming my heart right now.

This is what a Regional Airport Gate looks like when you arrive 4 hours early for your flight. 

Packing for Elgin seemed like such a daunting task.

First, it required new clothes. I’m going to be working in an office where jeans and a t-shirt is not the everyday norm, much like my college wardrobe. So, Mama and I did a bit of shopping at Goodwill for something called a blouse and I picked up a few dress pants at Kohl’s.

Second, I’m going to a cold(er) area of the country. Sweaters and sweats take up so much room in a suitcase! Mama was NOT offering to ship me anything! She sent me so many packages in India and a couple when I was at Camp this summer!

Third, I had to make some sacrifices. I couldn’t fit EVERYTHING into two checked bags, a carry-on and a backpack. Let’s be honest…third world problem much? Yeah, I think so. Here are some notable things that I sacrificed…it’s really not much.
Cowboy Boots (I had to pull them out of my suitcase because…I just didn’t have room.)
Teva Flip flops (more like forgotten)
Favorite Cotton T-Shirt Bedding (Because it’s provided)  
A few Bridgewater sweatshirts (I did bring two though)
Not Sacrificed
Teddy Bear (“Katie, you’re 22…” And so is my bear, get over it.)
Flannel Blanket, my college roommate made me
Brethren Woods Pillow (Handmade circa NYC 2006)

Gosh, I was unrelenting on the sentimental stuff! Once I get there…I’m sure I’ll realize I should have sacrificed or given up more. I mean, I feel like I made cuts...I didn't bring EVERY t-shirt I own or every pair of shoes or every jacket and cute sweater. I sorted out the best and the most favorite...but somehow it still feels like so much and yet not enough. Learning how to live with less is going to be a lifelong process and skill. 

Thank you, Mama, for helping me pack less than 10 hours before we would leave for the airport. You are THE best! 

Until Elgin! :)


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