September 30, 2013

New Personal Record!

Last week, I reached a New Personal Record! I have slept over 8 nights in ONE BED! This is the first time that this has happened since BEFORE June 7th!

It was an amazing season of travel. I have encountered so many wonderful human beings in so many different places! In January, I committed to tracking all of the mileage that I traveled in 2013 year, because it will likely be the most I've ever done in one year.

Since April, I have traveled...
5,604 Miles in a Vehicle (Going to and fro!)
7,258 Miles by Plane
9 Plane Trips (6 layovers)
1 Train Trip (Miles-
12,297 Total Miles acquired since Labor Day

Which brings my 2013 total  miles (so far!) to...*drumroll*
28, 607 miles! 

And my 2013 breakdown is as follows!

Miles by Car: 10,402
Miles by Train: ~642
Train Trips: 1
Miles by Plane: 18,128
Plane Trips: 26, (including layovers)
Total Miles Traveled: 28,607

For living in an intentional community, that is a ridiculous number of miles! Most of those trips were spent traveling by myself. All of my plane trips were alone, except 2! What!? Maybe half of the road trips were alone (especially this summer), but I've also had great times with CoB young adults in a huge diesel van, driven to Kansas with some wonderful workcamp ladies, and spent a week in the car with Grandma Irene!
I am looking forward to being back home for several weeks before hitting the road again. It's good to run, make bread, and be in the same bed for more than a fortnight. Here's to travel, great views, and memorizing eleven airport codes by accident!

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