August 4, 2010


Summer is almost, I thought I'd reflect on Summer 2010. It's funny to read my post from February and think about how nervous I was about the summer. I had no idea what I was going to do and that post was all about rejections and confusion. God definitely pointed me in the right direction this summer.

I was blessed to work as a camp counselor at Brethren Woods! It was the most amazing experience ever! I journaled everyday and filled it with pictures and special things from the summer. It's been a summer of laughs, hugs, Jesus, fishing, canoeing, horse-back riding, FUN!, devotions, and an true agape community. Some weeks have been harder than others, but such is life. I've definitely decided that I'kidd like to work with kids in some capacity. It was honestly the most rewarding to work with the "difficult" campers and I can see myself working with troubled kids when I get older.

Right now, I'm taking a break. I'm spending the next few days at Marian and Jesse's house in PA! Tomorrow we're going to Hershey Park. There's a huge lightning storm going on right now! So much fun to watch!

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