January 12, 2011

Hairy Pits are better than a Hairy Heart

I was browsing the internet while taking a break from reading for class (dangerous, I know!) and discovered a tumblr devoted to women with hairy armpits called the "hairy pits club." I couldn't have been more elated! Pages and pages of beautiful women with hairy armpits!

In 2010, especially, I began to question why it is that society puts so much pressure on women (and men sometimes) to be naked rats. This was probably sparked by a discussion, in Sociology of Birth and Death, that revolved in the shaving of the mother's pubic area before she gave birth in a hospital. The reasons cited were based around cleanliness and neatness of that area. Basically, superficial reasons. Also, when it grows back it's itchy and painful. This practice didn't make sense to me.

Then I began to wonder why there are social pressure for women to shave their legs and their armpits. I found a straightforward explanation on straightdope.com. Basically, marketing in 1915 of the hairless armpits was encouraged by the  "Summer Dress" and "Modern Dancing." (Below) However, women were more lax about their leg hair and displayed it until about the 1940's. This when shorter hemlines and stockings, which look silly with hair sticking out, became popular.
I began to grow my hair out during track season and continued until June, when my best friend got married. I figured that I wouldn't be socially deviant at such a socially revered event - especially since I was the Maid of Honor! So, I shaved away. Then for summer camp, I let my leg hair run wild and I haven't shaved since. Also, plucking eyebrows? Not a fan and haven't touched mine in a year and a half. They're thick and I'm proud.

I applaud public figures who proudly display their hair. It certainly takes gusto to show your hairy features to your friends, but broad casted to the whole world and scrutinized by the whole world. Then who didn't shave for what event becomes gossip. The worst part is the images they show are blow ups of their armpits and legs, that to the naked eye at an event no one would even notice. I mean, really...blowing up an image of Beyonce's ankle hair that she missed? This image of Julia Roberts I really love, because it's not "Oops, I forgot to shave" armpit hair. It's legit. This is Julia from the premiere of Notting Hill in 1999. Rock on. I hope to show off my arm pits like this in the Spring.

I haven't shaved my legs since June 2010. I haven't shave my armpits since October 2010.

Keep on Keepin' On Hairy Women! 

<3 K

When I was looking for pictures of "hair in panty hose" this image kept popping up. Apparently, thousands of these puppies were shipped to the Gulf to help clean up the Oil Spill. I had NO IDEA that this technique was used.

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