January 26, 2011


Group size: 3-8 *If you play with more you may need another deck.
What you need:
Deck of Cards
Spoons (One less than the # of people playing)

How to play:
This game is easiest to play in a circle. Place the spoons in the middle. Deal everyone four cards. Usually, the dealer will begin moving the cards around the circle, but it could start anywhere. The name of the game is Four of a Kind. The dealer starts by looking at a card at a time, if they don’t need it they pass it to the next player. If they decide to keep it, they need to switch it out with another card from their hand and pass that card.
The first person to get four of a kind can take a spoon. Once this person has taken a card everyone else may grab a spoon (which is the crazy part!). 
The individual without a spoon looses. I have never played where people lose and get out. Sometimes you can take a letter like in Horse, except with Spoon.

**Ultimate Spoons: If you want to get really crazy you can place the spoons outside of the circle around the room and people have to scramble over each other and the furniture to get a spoon!

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