July 28, 2013

This Moment | July

APPRECIATIVE of the humidity. Really y'all - it holds up my hair.

CONTEMPLATING the differing opinions of Brethren youth on peace, violence, and justice.

EATING raspberry, dark chocolate M&M's. All. The. Time.

EXCITED about a workcamp reunion next summer at NYC 2014.

HUMBLED by the sites, smells, and sounds of the U.S. Holocuast Museum's Permanent Exhibition.

MISSING all of the people that I've met each week - can't I just keep them with me forever? There's a hole where all my workcampers were...one week left with exceptional human beings.

LAUGHING about the fact that I thought the Aloe Vera I've been carrying in my first aid kit all summer was hand sanitizer. I discovered Day 5 of Week 7 - in fact it is NOT hand sanitizer.

LISTENING to a man play French Horn in the D.C. National Airport. Addams Family Theme, Yankee Doodle, Down by the Riverside...

PUMPED that my checked luggage weighed in at a mear 42.5lbs instead of a hefty 50+ like the last two times. Peace out 20+ lb air mattress.

REALIZING that this time next week I will be in Elgin again. For a little bit...before leaving on a plane for Colorado.

WONDERING what exactly I'll pull from this summer to talk about in Chapel in two weeks. 

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH for taking a moment to reflect on "this moment". I've missed updates for you and am thrilled that you've been having such an incredible summer!!! :)