June 21, 2013

This Moment | June

ATTEMPTING to be productive for work even though I am "home" in Weyers Cave for a day and half.

CONFUSED about the way that car rental companies work. Really? Pushing my rental pick-up back one day makes it not available? How does that work? 

EATING waaaaay too much Klines Ice Cream. Three visits & three flavors in 5 days! 

EXCITED to be attending a CoB Annual Conference Brethren Family Reunion after missing the last two years. 

FALLING asleep easily at 11:00 every night and rising at 7:00am every morning. Sleeping in...what is that?

GRINNING from ear to ear looking at pictures from the past two weeks. I am in the thick of my workcamp season and these youth have been amazing! I am so jazzed about the next 6 weeks! 

HUMBLED by the hospitality of the people that I am meeting and seeing every day. 

LAUGHING and enjoying the silliness of two awesome, red-haired boys. 

LISTENING to new music. Hmm! My workcamp went to a live concert for Harrisonburg's The Royal Dans, Sew, and Ears to the Ground Family Band. The Royal Dans is just delightful and we didn't get a chance to hear the last two bands, because of bed times. :) Also, Joy Kills Sorrow's most recent EP. 

PACKING and doing laundry for another two week journey to North Carolina! In my mind I'm packing, in reality I'm avoiding it. 

REALIZING that "going home" has changed its meaning and feeling kind of melancholy about it.  

WONDERING if making more to-do lists is just another form of procrastination. I downloaded Todist onto my phone! This is going to be dangerous...
I thought this might be an easy way to document what I'm feeling and experiencing from week to week this summer. 

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