November 8, 2013

This Moment // November

APPRECIATIVE of Kansas sunsets and the skyline silhouetted in the background.

DRINKING coffee again after a summer of feeling like I was perpetually having a heart attack.

EXCITED about the NEW news coming out around NYC 2014 in the next couple of weeks. :)

FEELING melancholy about the changing seasons.

HOMESICK for colorful mountains, beloved people, and the sun setting at 8pm.

LAUGHING from the delirium of 12 hour car rides, inside jokes, and hilarious teenagers.

LISTENING to Branches, Head & the Heart, Rend Collective Experiment, & anything Jacob Crouse writes.

PUMPED that my family will be in Illinois in less than 17 days!

READING everything I can about thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.

REALIZING that there are only two more weeks until I see my crazy, incredible family!

WALKING around the block to pick up leaves and admire them as they fall. It's the little things. 

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