November 15, 2013

Comfort and Cosby Sweaters

We took our BVS House family Christmas picture this week! While, I won't spoil it by sharing the picture just yet, I will say - it featured us wearing some delightful Christmas sweaters! However, by parading around the office wearing our delightfully, wintery warm sweaters there were quite a few references made to Cosby Sweaters. So, I didn't really know the reference, although I had seen the Cosby show way back in the day. After seeing a clip from High Fidelity, I Googled "Cosby Sweater". Naturally. 
I need that Sprinter sweater in my life! Better yet...a Thrower Sweater!

I wouldn't say I have a "Cosby" Sweater. Although, I did have a cherished hunter green Horse sweater (that I would WEAR if it was in Elgin.) Oddly enough, it looked a lot like this sweater that was on a runway. Weird. 

I love crazy, colorful sweaters. I think they are one of the most fun things about this cold, overcast season. They keep us warm and provide a bit of color in this drab season. 
Today, I found ANOTHER Fun Run! There are too many of these kinds of things. Are they worth it? I have never done a fun run - like the color run or zombie runs (this actually doesn't sound fun, that sounds absolutely horrifying). Anyway, the Ugly Sweater Run is a thing. It's happening this weekend apparently. For $44 you can run through the streets of Chicago in a crazy/ugly Christmas/Cosby sweater and running outfit combination! 

Maybe I'll just go on a run in my Christmas Sweater...and running tights. Oh, how frustrating that these things have to be sectioned off into socially appropriate $44 races. What gives?

All this talk of Sweaters reminds me of the Weasley Sweater I made almost three years ago. What!?
This thing is HUGE. Granted I was huger when I made it, but this thing is definition of "over-sized" sweater. Love this huge, comfy, cozy, crazy thing. 

Do you have a Cosby Sweater? 
If you could display anything on a sweater (combs, sprinters, & horses!?) what would it be? 

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  1. Girl, you made a Weasley sweater?! That is just the bomb-diggity!