January 13, 2015

Plant Babies

I love fresh food. I love eating food right out of the garden--that I picked myself! It just tastes better! Now that Winter has hit (and Winter in Indiana has hit full blast!) having an outdoor garden is a bit difficult. But...an indoor garden IS possible! 

This fall, I was walking through Meijer, grocery shopping, when I stumbled upon little mint and basil plants right next to the organic potatoes. I had been wanting an indoor plant for a long time. I wanted some form of life in the house. I picked them up and studied them. "Could I care for an indoor plant?" I wondered. Upon closer inspection, I saw that they were from a nursery called "Shenandoah Growers." SHENANDOAH!? Like Shenandoah Valley!? These plants were grown in the very valley that I am missing so much right now!? Yep. They were grown in Harrisonburg, VA. Plus they were organic! Excited Katie? Understatement. 
Then this past weekend, I spotted a cilantro plant and had to scoop it up and add it to our herb table! My little herb plants live by our bay windows to optimize sun time. They have been so resilient, easy to care for, and so delicious! I have enjoyed fresh mint tea, fresh basil in pasta sauce, and now garnishing my lentil soup with fresh cilantro! 
These little plants have added so much life to our kitchen and to our taste buds! For organic plants, I thought they were inexpensive, too! Only about $2.50 per plant! Once warmer weather hits, I am debating planting them outside or leaving them inside. They are thriving and growing bigger too! I will have to get some pots for them to live in. 

Now that I have kept these precious herb plants alive, I am hoping to add another plant or two to my bedroom. It faces East and has four windows. I don't think I'll add herbs this time--any suggestions or favorite indoor plants?

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