February 22, 2015

Trash: Week One

Each Sunday in the season of Lent I am going to post how much trash I have created in the previous week. This is my first Sunday and it's really only half a week!

This week I trashed: 
- A dove dark chocolate wrapper
- Produce stickers
- A plastic tie

Things I avoided: 
Paper towels in the bathroom -- I shook it off!, used my pants, or a washcloth I brought with me.
- Disposable roadtrip snacks -- I packed my own!
- The front desk candy jar.

Transitions I made: 
I started using a mason jar with a lid as a water bottle. My plastic water bottles are washed and ready to be donated.
- I bought silk bulk and cotton produce bags for grocery shopping next week.

Things I learned this week: 
Cupcake wrappers and pizza boxes are compostable.
- Almost all unwrapped produce comes with stickers. Le sigh.
- My lifestyle uses about 390% of the world resources--if everyone lived like me.

Weekend Compost!
As a bonus, here is the compost that I accumulated from my weekend trip (save for some food peels left in my friend's compost!). It holds a number of things that I would have just trashed before--like cupcake wrappers and the little cardboard sandwich tray from Panera Bread. There are also some napkins that were served to me that I didn't have time to refuse.
I decided to carry a jar with me so I could bring home any compostable waste back to the neighborhood compost bins. All of this is compostable, but to help it break down more easily I am going to cut it all up into little pieces so the compost has an easier time breaking down. 

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