February 8, 2010

Burma Learning Tour: 16 January 2010

The eldest child leaves school early in order to help the parents pay for the other children’s education. So it pays to be the youngest children. They get the best education.
Alaina and I overslept this morning. We were supposed to get a wake-up call from Kat about 6:15, but David came to our room at 6:55. We were supposed to be at breakfast 10 minutes earlier. We hustled and made it to breakfast, which we ate quickly. While on this trip, I’ve been thinking – Is there any way to escape doing menial labor? Is that destined to be an aspect of all cultures, even the bigger they get the small jobs remain.
We’ve passed women working on roads and Moe said that they prefer that job because it’s not too labor intensive, which we were surprised about. I think it would be unbearable because of the hot sun. They heat the tar in these canister-like barrels over a fire. Then they have to hold it in cans brush it over the road.

Are machines the only thing that can remove us from menial labor? Feminists say the only way for women and men to be equal, would be for a foreign/mechanical womb? Why is technology so liberating?
These people use motors to irrigate the water through their fields and tube wells to have access to clean water. Both drastically improve their quality of life. Maybe we could find a way to pull the people doing these jobs out of poverty? I feel like the world’s economy would collapse if these people refused to do these basic jobs.
We just landed in the Heho airport via the Yangon International Airport. Our flight was only an hour long. Turner and I sat together. I used the bathroom when we landed and didn’t think to bring in Tissue paper. It was a Western toilet, but it didn’t have paper. So I used a B’de! It wasn’t bad, I’m dry already. I might try that more often. So far today:
W:2 S:1 Bde:1
Moe is talking.

We had a two hour bus-ride through the mountains – in a really nice spacious bus. The hill side is so beautiful. Our hotel is awesome. It’s called Dreamville or Dream Villa or something like that. Alaina and I have this amazing corner room: A1. We have our own personal door to the balcony. After we arrived, we had an hour before dinner – so we all walked around the downtown streets and such. The women are kind and they call us beautiful. Everyone stares at us, because we’re white. It’s an odd feeling.

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