February 10, 2010

Burma Learning Tour: 18 January 2010

We clogged the toilet we were using so we have to use the neighbors.


I’ve changed and we’re all waiting for breakfast. It’s 67 degrees right now.

Don’t know if I’ve talked about this already, but they have a way of showing respect when shaking your hand. They’ll touch their left hand to their right elbow and shake it your hand.

This morning we were saying it would have been nice to have a bathroom 101, before embarking on the majority of our trip or a cultural 101 for that matter.

Right now Daw Piet is offering clean water to her Buddha shrine, which was right above my head all night. I slept right beneath it.

While were were hiking, we saw tiny bridges, about a foot by a foot. The small bridges are a symbolic offering, Moe said. The stupas are falling apart and they can’t fix the bricks. It’s symbolic of leading to something better – good. Buddhist based. We’ve stopped on a hill to rest. Tracy, Aubrey, Sherry, and I are all at the end with our two guides.

We’ve had to take a short break along the way. Turner said it’s about 12:20 and we’ve been walking since 830.

Jimmy on being 68: “My secret is optimism.”

We arrived to our hotel. Alaina and I are in R-5 (Rose) by the Mingalabar. We showered and then walked through downtown. I found some Honey and WantWants – plus a couple postcards. Jimmy had given us Honey on one of our stops the previous day – it’s very similar to a Butteringers.

On our hike down from the mountains – we met a man and his family. They had lived in the Burma/Thailand border in those hills – but he didn’t want his family to be used as military porters so he moved to the hills, near the PaLong villages. He was holding his daughter the whole time. He had four children – one son was studying in a school in Kalaw (which is where we had stopped before beginning our trek to the hills). He hoped to send the rest of his children there, in time.

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