February 20, 2011

Baked Banana Oatmeal!

I had every intention of getting up and going to church this morning. I set my alarm and everything! But I had stayed up until two the night before folding laundry and doing dishes that I had been neglecting all week. So, when 9am rolled around and my alarms were beeping at me - I "dismissed" them and told myself I'd just lay my head back down for a minute...which happened to last two and half hours. I woke up at 11:30am.

I still needed to be productive. So, I decided to make Baked Banana Oatmeal, because I had three whole bananas sitting on my desk and two halves in my refrigerator. I needed to do something with all of them! The recipe came from this lovely lady, katheats.com, who I am currently obsessed with. She loves Oatmeal, too! <3

I had to cook it for a third longer than directed, because our oven takes its sweet time baking. It was worth the wait! I loved the little bit of brown sugar on top - it was the perfect bit of sweetness. I paired it with a cup of green tea and I was in heaven. I highly recommend it, especially if you love bananas and oatmeal. I am so glad that I found Katheats - her recipes look to die for AND she has a whole section devoted just to oatmeal. Love. Love. Love. 

<3 K

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  1. Katie,

    Thanks so much for the follow! I am excited to be a part of your blog as well! This oatmeal looks absolutely amazing :-). I am also a huge fan of KERF... she rocks! Good luck with all you do.


    (one of the TWO college kids in the kitchen!)