February 22, 2011

Signs of a Glorious Day

- You get 10 hours of sleep. (Whaaaat!)

-You eat your baked oatmeal with peanut butter and skim milk. 

-Walk to school in the snow, marveling at all of the icicles. 

-Study for an exam by listening to your Nickel Creek Pandora station. 

-You get to eat lunch with friends.

-Peel an Orange.

- You got a B+ on that exam from last week. 

-Remember that you forgot to turn in that poetry explication.
[Detract "Glorious Day" Points]

-Take an exam. Feel good about it. 

-Throw far at track practice. 

-See your Mom and yourself on the same State Champion wall. 
Feel great about your family and your old high school. 

-Get back to school in time to eat baked oatmeal for dinner. 
(What! There's a TON of it in the Fridge!)

- Edit and e-mail that poetry explication you forgot about to your professor. 
Write the e-mail in free verse poetry form

- Read for your night class. 

-Receive an e-mail from your poetry professor and it's okay the paper is late. 
He applauds your "late-paper e-mail" and it's the best he's ever seen. :-)

-Happy Dance. 

-Walk to class happy

-Walk back from class and marvel at the sparkling snow.

-You and roommate both walk into the kitchen: 

-Oh, yeah homework

Wishing you happy moments everyday!
<3 K


  1. Hello dear! Thanks for visiting and following on my blog! I look forward to seeing more of ya. :)

  2. I miss track!! It's fun to read about your experiences. I found you on 20sb. I'm your newest follower!