February 21, 2011

Monday Classics: Apple and Banana

Last night I stayed up until about 6:30 working on a take home essay and studying for my 9am exam. I did take a small nap around 2am - but needless to say I was lacking in adequate sleep. After sleeping for an hour and a half, I rolled out of bed and got a shower. Last night while I was procrastinating, I made muesli and stored it in the firdge overnight for it to soak. Thinking I'd have a small cup for breakfast I tasted it and the vanilla was overpowering and it was cold - I was craving something hearty and warm. Instead, I opted for a classic apple and peanut butter sandwhich. I toasted the bread on the stove, while I packed my bookbag. (Reminder - turn off the stove before heading to your class, sleepy head. I got a text from my roommate saying that I had left the stove on and I absentmindedly replied that I didn't have it on. Lies.) I sliced the apples long ways and lathered on the peanut butter, cut it in half and tucked it into my backpack.

As I was eating it before the exam, some classmates mistook it for fancy cheese, instead of an apple. I read somewhere that eating an apple helps increase your memory recall and it suggested eating them before exams or tests - I probably read it in "Seventeen" years ago! Pretty sure I smoked that exam and bonus - I got an A on that paper I turned in last week. Hello Monday. :) 
Mind Blown:
I cannot WAIT to try this! How freaking adorable! I found it on WholeFoods recipes while I was searching for apple and peanut butter sandwiches. Tomorrow's breakfast maybe? Late night snack? ;)
These are just took cute!

In other fruity news, after smelling a mashed banana smell close by...I found in my backpack, upon further investigation, that half eaten banana I had left in my backpack since last Friday.
Stay Fruity My Friends!

<3 K

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