July 26, 2011

Harry Potter in an Indian Theatre

I finally, FINALLY saw Harry Potter more than a week after it came out. We ventured to Escape at Express Avenue Mall. This viewing of a Potter film was unlike any other viewing. For one, I was not seeing it on a midnight release like I have done for the past 7 films. It was devastating. Believe me. Midnight release disappointment aside – Indian theatres are not like American theatres. Here's why:

There are absolutely no previews. 
If the movie starts at 3:40pm the movie STARTS at 3:40pm. So, coming in to find Harry already discussing the Elder Wand with Ollivander was worrisome.

Cellphone use is frequent.
Phones will ring off the hook – blaring bollywood tunes during a heavy scene where Harry realizes he must face Voldemort and die OR when Ron and Hermione kiss OR when Neville is giving his speech OR when they’re breaking into Gringotts OR whenever you don’t want to hear bloody phones in the background! Not only do they ring, but people will answer them! They ANSWER THEM!

There is an intermission.
Harry has just put his hand to Snape’s neck to help stop the bleeding when the lights come on and the screen goes blank. There is a 15 minute intermission – where people can go to the bathroom, grab some refreshments, take that call they didn’t answer during the movie – oh, wait…already did that. Then during the intermission is when commercials are played.

Bringing a crying infant is appropriate.
Except that it’s not. Even in India.

We get reserved seats.
The seats are made of leather and worthy of being in a fancy living room. Some seats are “couple seats” which essentially is a loveseat, because there is not arm rest in between. Perfect for a date. My roommate and I shared one. :) 

Tickets cost 130 Rs.
Which translates to about $3. Yeah, we took 9 people to the movies for about $20. Get outta town.

Clapping is common.
Neville kills Nagini. Clapping. Ron and Hermione kiss. Clapping. Harry’s not really dead! Clapping. Nevermind, it’s Harry freaking Potter and it doesn’t matter what country you’re in – it’s EPIC.

No, it wasn't a midnight release, but it was an adventure in itself. Plus, for 130 Rs a ticket I may see it in theaters 6 or 7 times instead of my average of 4. Yes, I'm a Harry Potter nerd. 

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