July 11, 2011

Get away weekend to Mamallapuram

We've had a rather frustrating week this past week. We've been hoping to start class. We didn't. We were hoping to register with the Immigration Office. We didn't. Shoot! We would have been happy to get our paper work from the MCC Dean without much trouble. Not so. I also followed Annual Conference this week and, while I wasn't there, I was frustrated by what I heard and read about it. That was exhausting and disheartening. Anyway, we were shot, fried, and ready for a get away weekend to Mamallapuram, courtesy of BCA.

Here's a brief overview of our weekend.

We played in the waves of the Bay of Bengal and jumped here! First jumping picture of my Indian adventure! How did this take a whole week to happen!?!
We also ate dinner at the Radisson (a very fancy schmancy hotel) and then watched a wonderful fireworks display. Hotel food after 3 meals a day of Samba and rice? Yes, please! Bring on the Naan!

We went sightseeing! 

The statues seen in these two images ^ are both carved from the same exact rock. It was massive! There were two temples in it. 

Meet our Tour Guide. 

We met a monkey, which was a nice first visit for a girl who's a little intimidated by them.

Krishna's Butterball and some happy goats. 

I met my first elephant. She was made from stone and very, very old. 

We drank some coconut water. The water was good! Then they broke open the actual coconut and let us try the actual coconut. Warm coconut isn't quite my thing. 

Finally, we made a stop at the Herpetology Center on the way home! 

Hope you've been able to relax and rejuvenate this summer wherever you are my friends. Don't lose heart. 

<3 K

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