July 28, 2011

My Mother is a Saint

Who gets two care packages in one week? Really? Really. My mother is a wonderful woman. I am completely stocked on Cliff Bars, re-hydration packets, peanut butter, and candies. I'm going to have to share with my BCA and Indian friends!

Package 1. It's a bit squished, but nothing bad.

A Happy Birthday Card from my wonderful family, even though I've been 21 for over a month now! 
"Everyday is a day to celebrate you!" 

Package 2. Spoiled, no?

Oh, hey, my address. All of my mail gets delivered straight to the Hall, instead of the Post Office like at Bridgewater. 

Red Vines, re-hydration packets, and goodies galore. 

Thanks mom! Just so you know...they do feed me three meals a day! :)

Love, K

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