August 29, 2011

An exercise in being photogenic

Friends...I am NOT photogenic. I have never claimed to be photogenic and probably never will. Usually, I have squinty eyes or my hair is all over the place or I just look awk. Anyway. My friend Meg (BCA via Juniata) is one of the most photogenic people I have ever seen in my life. IN MY LIFE. Every picture she pretty much takes flawlessly or knows just what to do for the picture to come out looking awesome. 

Thankfully. She agreed to give me a lesson in how to be photogenic. 

"NO! I am not photogenic!"

You probably don't even know how many pictures I have spoiled by doubling over in laughter. SO MANY. I just can't take myself seriously enough to take a cute picture. I can't. So, I just giggle at myself the whole time. 

Oh, snap! Did we get one? Did we get it?
I like to call this one "The Meg." 

Tips from Meg: 
1. Put your hand on your hip. 
2. Make yourself as small as possible by getting close to the person next to you. 
3. Purse your lips in some fashion. (Maybe say "Prune.") 

PS - Sorry, Meg, but I probably will never be able to pose like this in the future. Also, I added that bit about the prunes...Meg never mentioned that.


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