August 3, 2011

Highlights of the Fresher's Party

Indians know how to have a party. I just got back from the Social Work Department Fresher’s Party and it was a total and complete blast!

First off, the theme was retro, which we all took to mean our 60s and 70s retro eras. I came as a hippie, which is no stretch for my wardrobe. Seriously. The rest of our BCA group came as 50s Greaser chicks and 80s with killer side-ponies. However, the MCC Social Work fresher’s came dressed as Retro Bollywood. They looked so fabulous! Big hair dos, colorful saris, unbuttoned shirts, popped collars – it was fantastic! So, we looked a little out of place but we rocked what we had!
Picture credit to Hannah K. Thank you!
Second, this social work program is equally matched on the number of men and women. Unheard of! So, they paired up in couples and marched into the big assembly room to blaring music and cheers. We paired up with our decades partners and filed into the big horseshoe circle of fresher chairs.

Third, they had everyone introduce themselves by strutting their stuff up and down the horseshoe as if it were a runway! Then we had to stand up front and say our name and then an adjective that describes ourselves. I described myself as Kooky Katie! YAY for Alliteration!

Fourth, we taught them how to do the Cha Cha slide! I LOVE THIS DANCE. Basically, I love to dance. So, we got our groove on and did the Cha Cha slide with them, while the Ghetto Old version played on the projector. It was so amazing.

Fifth, they paired up again and the girls got to dress the boys up at GIRLS! So, all 6 of us ganged up on JJ and turned him into one hottie! He was such a good sport, especially because we gave him boobs! Once the boys were all dressed up, they had to strut their stuff as if they were Miss Universe and say one thing in support of feminism. It was a hoot watching the boys walk up and down as women.

Picture credit to Hannah K. Thank you!
THEN- in a twist of fate, we then learned that the girls would have to be dressed as boys! So, instead of all 6 BCA girls getting dressed as men I decided I’d take one for the team. No big! I’ve crossed-dressed before as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter for Halloween. Plus, I don’t take myself too seriously! It was such a crazy ball! I had a red button up shirt, with a scarf tie and the best part was my BEARD! JJ drew a beard on my face – which he got WAY too much enjoyment out of.
Picture credit to Hannah K. Thank you!
When we were finished we showed off our manliness and our fine ladies with a turn around the horseshoe. Each couple had a different cute spin to it. One couple even had the man beating his wife – crazy. JJ said he was glad I wasn’t an abusive husband. Uh, yeah, me too.

At the end, JJ and I were crowned the best cross-dressed pair. Holler! They crowned a Mr. Fresher (Ben or Big Daddy) and Miss Fresher (Shruti).
Picture credit to Hannah K. Thank you!
Finally, we all gathered and watched a slide show that Allan put together during the program. Some senior MSWs sang a beautiful song about being a family, where we support and lean on each other and grow in love with each new day. It was such a beautiful song. I should request the lyrics from Allan. [Edit: I did! Post about that here.]

THEN, THEN we got FISH. We got two fish in a little bag. FISH. We could take them home with us or drop them into the fish tank in the Social Work yard. I decided to drop mine into the tank and visit them a couple times a week. I think it’s better for them there, I don’t trust myself as a fish parent.

Finally, they closed with some dinner and sweets. We decided to grab dinner in the hall (Parotha Night!!), I opted for some tasty Indian sweets. Their peanut brittle in Tamil Nadu is to die for! It’s all peanut with little brittle, which is perfect because the brittle part always gets stuck in your teeth. They even included mints that looked alka seltzer tablets, but were minty fresh.

Walking back to my hall, I was in a completely blissful state, even though my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! I bounced back on a high of happiness from the dancing, laughter, and love, as my marker mustache melted from my mouth in the heat.


  1. I would like to point out that my drag outfit that you all created also won the award for best dressed!

  2. Quite informative post on your fresher’s party. Few months ago, I arranged a farewell party for my friend at one of excellent New York Event Venues. Invited all our friends for this party and we enjoyed very much there.