August 3, 2011

Welcome to the Family

This is the song that was shared at the Social Work Department Fresher party. It's actually a children's song from a band called Psalty, who are from the U.S. Go figure!

Welcome to the family
We’re glad that you have come
To share your life with us
As we grow in love and
May we always be to you
What God would have us be
A family always there
To be strong and to lean on,

May we learn to love each other
More with each new day
May words of love be on our lips
In everything we say
May the Spirit melt our hearts
And teach us how to pray
That we might be a true family

How absolutely beautiful is that!? This is such a special place and I'm so glad I'm here - sharing in this family for a couple of months.

Allan even passed along the YouTube Video if you'd like to have a listen.

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