May 11, 2013

To Mama

from you I have learned...
Thriftiness is a virtue and you shouldn't be ashamed to rock second hand clothing. Ever.
Gardening is good for the soul.
It's important to take care of yourself and know your limits.
If you want to do it - do it.
If you're unhappy - you have the power to change your circumstances.
Laughing is the best medicine & quoting favorite movie lines help.
Even if you don't know the lyrics you should sing anyway.

for you I am grateful.
I am grateful for...
Your support, advice, and shared laughter.
I am grateful for inherited compassion and soft-heartedness, with a touch of no-nonsense.
I am grateful for an up-bringing close to grandparents.
I am grateful that you've let me fly, while trying to keep me close.

It's a blessing to know and have you as my Mother. I am so proud to know such a fantastic woman and even more proud to have learned the ropes of womanhood from you.
Happy Mother's Day! 
 For Mother's Day, I embroidered this for Mom. 
It's really only my second big embroidery project. I'm such a novice, but really enjoy working with this medium. Little people were really fun to design and create. 
Lillie, Mama, & Me
I "stumbled" across Psalm 139 last week when I really needed to read it. Verse 13 is one of my favorites. Mama, thank you for so carefully carrying me for 9+ months and then carrying me along for 22 years more. 

I love you, Mama. 
PS - Let's go shopping for a cool frame from Goodwill when I get home! 

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