January 26, 2014

Prank Wars

the most wasted of all days is one without laughter. e.e. cummings

I would add to that e.e. cummings' quote that the most wasted of all communities is one without laughter. I am blessed to live in a space where my housemates are constantly laughing together - with each other or at each other in good fun. It's a joy to share crinkled eyes, heads rolled back, lines growing joyfully deeper around our mouths as we guffaw, chuckle, chortle, and giggle together. 

Recently, Tim, my housemate, has been playing little pranks on me. His most recent prank happened while I was washing dishes from my meal. He was roaming around the kitchen visiting with me and getting ready to go get Despicable Me 2 at the Redbox. I tried to tell him that there are codes online...but he couldn't find them. So, I dried off my hands and turned around to this: 
I am notorious for opening cabinets...and leaving them open. Tim is hilarious. I CRACKED UP. Seriously, I couldn't breathe. I am so thankful for crazy housemates who sneakily pull pranks right under my nose. 
I felt like that Mom in the Sixth Sense. You know the scene where Cole and his Mom are eating breakfast? She leaves for a second and comes back to find every cabinet OPEN and Cole in his chair.  
Speaking of ghosts, can we talk about how there's a ghost in the top left of this picture!? 

I am so blessed to live with others who love to laugh and help others laugh on a daily basis. I hope that your days are FULL of laughter and shared joy!

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