December 2, 2013

Knitting | Katniss Cowl

Who didn't LOVE Katniss Everdeen's cowl/vest that she wore in the opening scenes of Catching Fire!? Pretty much everyone. After I saw the movie last week, I searched the internet for patterns. The piece that Katniss wears in the movies isn't knitted, but a woven piece. So mine is super "inspired by" - but not intended to look exactly like the original.
I worked off of two different patterns from Ravelry. This one for the bulk of the body. The original pattern is made for a SUPER small person. I adjusted it a little for my size, but some of it was left to the imagination.
I wore it to the office this morning. It doesn't exactly scream rebellion against the Capital, but it will be a fun piece to wear this winter. It's SO WARM! 
The second pattern I used for construction of the neck. I morphed it, created a different shape, and left a little opening for fun. 

So, I realized this is the second fictional thing I have knitted - 

What fictional thing should I knit next? 
Doctor Who Scarf?

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  1. So can I place an order yet? ;-) You're fabulous!