March 29, 2013

An Adventure in Making Scones

Do you ever just have those moments where you say, "I REALLY want a scone. Better yet, I REALLY want to learn how to make scones!" You don't!? Well, this thought consumed me yesterday. While I was at work, all I could think about was scones, scones, scones. Seriously.

I looked up a couple recipes via Martha Stewart and Pinterest. I found they don't have too many ingredients and don't take too long to prepare and cook. This looked like my kind of baked good! I scribbled down a list of additional ingredients that we didn't have at home...butter, eggs, and heavy cream. Then after work, I made my way to Jewel Osco to use my leftover weekly allowance of food money - $10 whole dollars!

As soon as I walked in I found BLACKBERRIES - on sale - 2 for $4. That's good, right? They weren't on my original list, but I had spotted them in a recipe and decided I'd make blackberry scones, instead of just plain cream ones. I found all the additional ingredients easily and checked out for only $8! I loaded them into my arms, because I forgot a re-usable bag, and was not about to get a plastic one.

I made my way to the kitchen. Turned the oven to 400 and started measuring out my dry ingredients. I poured in the flour, baking soda, baking powder, and sugar!

 Then I mixed in the eggs and cream - stirred some more and added the blackberries. 

 Then I pressed the dough together and shaped it into a circle. But it was when I got to this stage that I realized I had forgotten one ingredient...

I had completely forgotten the butter! It had called for 6 Tablespoons of "grated" butter. As in, I was supposed to grate the butter against a grater. I was a little disappointed I didn't get to do that...but it was too late I decided. 

So, I cut the dough into 6 pieces and placed it in the oven to cook for about 14 minutes. Our oven is a gas oven and things never quite cook the way they should. So, it took about 8 more minutes longer than the recipe had said. But they turned out beautifully! 

A finished (butterless) scone - topped with Greek yogurt.
Paula Dean would be upset, but they tasted just wonderful even without the butter. 
Thank goodness. That would have been disappointing!  

'Til next time, 

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