March 25, 2013

March Madness in Pictures

March has been a CRAAAZY month of travel for me! All in all, I will be in the office for a total of 5 days - because so many of my work days have taken place across the country!

Week One - BVS Mid-Year Retreat
Dickson Valley, IL
80 Miles

Week Two A - On-Site
Seattle, WA
3420 Miles

Week Two B - Regional Youth Conference
McPherson, KS 
1372 Miles

Week Three - Bridgewater College and Roundtable
Bridgewater, VA
1132 Miles

MARCH - Total Miles
Total Miles Traveled: 6,004
Miles by Car: 1,452
Miles by Plane: 4,552
Plane Trips: 4


2013 - Total Miles 
Total Miles Traveled: 15,668
Miles by Car: 4,798
Miles by Plane: 10,870
Plane Trips: 11

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