March 10, 2013

The Doctor and his Blue Box

Are you a Doctor Who fan? My housemates and I started watching with the 9th Doctor back in the fall and we just got onto the 11th. It's a great series and my little sister is also a huge Whovian. So, I decided to embroider the Tardis, the Doctor's time traveling machine, onto a T-shirt for my sister.

I am a novice, unconventional embroider-er. Is that even a thing? So, I scoured the internet and Pinterest for templates and how-to's. I printed off THIS TEMPLATE as a guide for the box. I free-handed the timey-wimey swirls.

Also, I finished this ON Christmas Eve. I was kind of working on a couple embroidery projects in the Fall. Note: Peace Flags. I haven't done many needle-point projects since I finished this. 

She was pretty pleased. Isn't she just precious with her 11th Doctor's jacket and sonic screwdriver? 

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