March 10, 2013

Games: Contact

I learned how to play this game at a BVS mid-year retreat and I LOVE IT. We literally played during every single free time we had AND on the way home in the van. Literally, obsessed.

What you need: at least 3 people

How to play: 
1. One person (Main Word Person) has to think of a word. This becomes the main word that everyone else has to figure out.
2. The Main Word Person tells the group what letter the word starts with.
3. Then everyone else (we'll call them the Main Word Guessers) try to figure out the word, by saying clues about the word they think the word might be. (This sound confusing and is explained further below).
4. Then the Main Word Person responds with what they think the Guesser is thinking of. They have three tries to get it right. If, while the Main Word Person is trying to figure out the Guesser's word, another Guesser thinks that they know what word that initial Guesser is thinking of they say, "Contact!"
5. If the Main Word Person cant figure out the word that the Guesser is thinking of and someone has called "Contact!" The Main Word Person counts down and the Initial Guesser and anyone else who said "Contact!" say they're word at the same time.
6. If another person says the same word as the Initial Guesser, the Main Word Person has to reveal the next letter of the word. Then you continue guessing. If no one get's it right, then there is no letter gain and everyone continues guessing.
7. If a Guesser says a clue or the definition of the actual word, then they've won. That person get's to choose the next word.

Example of Play:
Main Word Person: It starts with an M.
Guesser A: Is it a type of animal that has fur and produces milk?
Main Word Person: No, it is not a Mammal.
Guesser A: Is it something that you can do with your mouth? 
Main Word Person: No, it is not Mew. 
Guesser A: Nope.  
Guesser B: Contact! 
Main Word Person: No, it is not...mumble...?
Guesser A: Nope. 
Main Word Person: is not, milk?
Guesser A: Nope. Count us down.
Main Word Person: 3...2...1...
All those who called Contact and Guesser A: Masticate!
Main Word Person: Oooh! Okay, the next letter is E.  
Guesser B: Is it something that you can do to calm yourself?
Main Word Person: Yes, it is Meditate.  

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