March 9, 2013

Having it all figured out...

My 2 year plan changes every time I sit down to think about it. (A five year plan is over-shooting it just a bit, don'tcha think?) This excites me and unnerves me all at the same time. I'm not to a point where I NEED or HAVE to figure out what comes next, because I don't have an unplanned life next until the Fall of 2014. That's almost 16 full months of a plan! It is such a luxury to even be able to dream about potential plans.

One day, I think about getting a Masters of Social Work degree. Then I was thinking about this and I'm not sure I'm ready for structured institutional education again. On the other hand, I recently sat in on a class at Bethany Seminary and felt myself aching for academia again. However, I'm not ALL there, yet.

Another day, I search through for exciting seasonal jobs in Maine or California or anywhere, really! Probably none of which I am that qualified for. Student Loans...I will come at you, but not by becoming a cog in the capitalist wheel...if I can help it. Honestly, if I could be fully employed after this BVS venture - that in itself would be rewarding.

Maybe the reason I can't land on any one because it's not time to think about 16 months from now. Shoot. It's not even quite time to think about 3 months from now. The next 16 months are going to be an AMAZING adventure. I have this and this to look forward to. I am truly blessed, y'all.

The horizon looks great, but so does my current view. 

2013 Trips & Miles UpdateTotal Miles Traveled: 10,333
Miles by Car: 4,015
Miles by Plane: 6,318
Plane Trips: 7
Most Recent Trip:  BVS Retreat - Elgin to Dickson Valley Retreat Center

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