April 9, 2013

April Changes, Bring May Rewards

I went for a GOOD four-mile run when I got home yesterday. I'm setting a wild goal (for me!) of 15-20 miles each week! I'm no cross country runner, but I really enjoy running. If I hadn't learned so much mental toughness when I was a thrower, I don't think I'd be able to push my runner!self so much. 

When I have a running buddy, I don't really pay too much attention to how fast or far we go. However, I don't have a running buddy - so to motivate myself, I track all my runs with a running app: Strava.
One) It's free. Two) It tracks my route, time, and calories burned. Essentially everything I want in a running app, but it also doubles as biking app.

//Do you use a running app?//

Weird Runner Confession: I don't listen to music when I go running.
One) Sweaty Earbuds - uhm, no thank you. Two) I really enjoy listening to what's going on around me. Just running to the local park is a cultural experience I don't want to become numb to: high school kids who call out to me, toddlers waddling away from their mothers, dogs barking, a father and daughter playing tennis - love it. Three) Towards the end, I start cheering myself on...like literally yelling to myself...out loud. Eh, whatever works.

//Bare feet + Grass=One of life's greatest joys//

After my run, I took off my shoes and cooled down on the grass in our yard. While recovering, I though about how God really is the best exterior designer? I giggled to myself thinking about God designing the luscious feel of grass for one great big carpet. Or sand...hmm! The feel of grass or sand on bare feet - heavenly! 

//What do you see?//

Enjoy Spring! 

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