April 4, 2013

Spring Fever

Today, the sun was shining. The temperature a balmy 57 degrees as I laced up my running shoes and headed out the door. I decided to run at least 30 minutes (or about 3 miles) and then see what I could do from there. I enjoy taking turns and going down new streets when I go running. I think that's what makes running long distances worthwhile - all the different views you see and the people you run into. Hopefully, not literally.

The town I live in has MANY old houses - like there is a legitimate historical housing association. People have plaques on their houses that say "This house dates to 1899." Seriously. I love old houses - I grew up in an old (close to) the turn of the century house. It came with old thick wooden doors, nooks and crannies, creaks and it's own ghosts. There is so much character in an old structure, so I really enjoy running through the neighborhoods of this town to see all the interesting old houses.

How much CHARACTER does this house have? I pass by so many interesting houses when I run that I don't stop to take pictures of all of them...but I COULD NOT pass this one up. An old Fire Department transformed into a house. How cool!? I love the transformation of old buildings into new homes or vice versa. We have an old house in the area where I'm from that started as a church and is now a home. That stained glass - I could not even imagine! 

Do you have any neat old structures in your town? 

Towards the end of my run, I passed an old couple (in long pants and jackets) walking their dogs. They're across the street from me and the man hollers - "She's got Spring Fever!" And I laugh...trying to think quickly of what Spring Fever is!? YES. I have HEARD of the term, but in the moment I could not for the life of me think of exactly what it meant. "Is he referring to how red my face is? Is that a symptom of Spring Fever?!" Literal conversation in my head. I kid you not. Then he said, "We've still got our jackets on!" OHHH...I was wearing shorts and T-shirt. "Yeah! I'm ready!" I called back. I didn't mention to that cute couple that I had walked around in my new Chaco's all day. Thanks, Mama! 

Then this evening I found out our fourteen-year-old (puppy) dogs were put down today. Fourteen is very old for lab-shepherd mixes, so I've learned. They've been deteriorating for awhile - their hips and joints were starting to fail them. Brooke, after Brooke Shields, and Lucky, after the yellow horse-shoe under her neck. My brave Dad was with them until the end. I am so proud of his courage to make the decision and be there with them. I cried with Lillie and Dad on the phone this evening and processed it some.

You never really notice things getting older as you age yourself...or expect things to change with time. You anticipate the family dogs being around forever, even though you know that's not possible. You think grandparents will always look the same, even though numerous liver spots and aging legs come into the picture. You think eyes will always see and ears will always hear, hair won't gray and wrinkles won't come. But they do. So, in a season of resurrection, budding flowers, greening grass, and new birth - I bid adieu to our loyal, beautiful family dogs. 

Brooke & Lucky // source Lillie

I thought about breaking up all these things into different posts...but life is not so easily compartmentalized. (Oh, how I wish it were sometimes.) This was my day. In all it's new sandal, sunshine, long run, dog-mourning, life-rejoicing glory. God, thank you for the varied experiences of life. For laughter, barks, hugs, tears, dancing, and running. I thank you, God, for the varied experiences of life. 

What life have you experienced today? 


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