April 8, 2013

blonde curls bounce in a sea of black hair

blonde curls bounce in a sea of black hair
an oddity, the dominant minority
is it soft? or is it brittle?
a brown hand extends to cop a feel
gold colored like gifted dowry jewels
sparkling in the Indian sun

it’s laughable – the reach, the feel
harmless and innocent, bold curiosity
and yet strange, to be so

natural brown eyes gaze upon
blue eyes – their colors unchanged by lenses
in case you were wondering
if blue eyes are real.

an oddity, but a commodity
fair and lovely is a virtuous thing
friendly brown hands glide over pale skin
desired pale skin purchased in a bottle
at a cost to health and ethnic pride

when they say “I wish I looked
like you.” I shrug, and offer
“skin is skin. Love what you are

which is easy to say when you’re
fair and lovely
with gold colored hair
and eyes like the sea.

In honor of Poetry month, I'm going to be posting a couple of my poems that have been posted or printed in various spaces. I'm doing this mainly for my own organization. 

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