April 29, 2013

Part II of a story through Gifs: The Train Ride

My train from Chicago to Virginia was supposed to last 18 hours, leaving Chicago around 6pm on Thursday and arriving in at my Virginia stop at about 1:30pm on Friday. However, because of that ridiculous storm sweeping from West to East - I essentially booked a ticket to ride along with this storm as it inched across the country. Thus, my ride experience several delays along the way, resulting in about 6+ total delays at the end of my journey.

Here is how the train ride went for me. 

1 hour in / 7pm 
Good thing I brought my knitting

3 hours in / 9pm
Finished my knitting project

5 hours in / 11pm
and I'm trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep in my seat

8 hours in / 2am
The train is stopped and they're making announcements about delays

11 hours in / 5 am
and the lights come back on

13 hours in / 7am 
and they announce that the train is already delayed 3 hours

15 hours in / 9am
and the know-it-all train rider behind us won't stop talking...loudly.

16 hours in / 10 am
Talking to my seat-mate

17 hours in / 11am
and I'm looking at facebook pictures of the cakes my seat-mate decorates

18 hours in / 12pm
and they announce another delayed arrival time
that will later be delayed even more.

19 hours / 1pm
When they announce that there will be free food in the dining car
due to the extreme delays. 

20 Hours in / 2pm
and my friend texts to ask how my trip is going

21 hours in / 3pm
and the train is stopped for track repairs 

22 hours in / 4pm
and the conductor announces our next stop. 

23 hours in / 5pm
My mom calls to tell me she's picking me up at an earlier stop,
so I'm going to get off the train an hour earlier than I thought!

24 hours in / 6pm
Literally 30 minutes away

In the Car with my Mom

The End. 

PS - Part 1 of this insane journey. 

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