December 25, 2012

Applique Peace Flags

This is the FIRST applique & embroidery project that I have ever attempted! I am so please with how it turned out! I was inspired by this set of peace flags, that my Mom gave me, and then drastically personalized each flag for this set!

I used iron-on backing for each of the pieces, like in this tutorial. I used blanket stitch and the standard hand applique stitch. Words and Letters were done in back stitch.

The final project proclaiming peace! 

The completed flags before being strung onto their cotton string.
 Preparing the Turning the World Upside Down/May Peace Prevail on Earth flag. 

Shalom Dove Flag

Peace Bike!

Reducing, Reusing. and Recycling promote peace with Earth and Neighbor. 

Completed Alexander Mack seal and Bananagrams peace flag!

Merry Christmas!


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