January 11, 2013

Road-trip Round-up: Day One

Weyers Cave, VA to Atlanta, GA
533 miles

A girl, her car, and her grandma! 

Foggy Fancy Gap, VA. 
Grandma snapped this while I was driving. 
I will make her tech savvy by the end of this trip! But seriously you all...the fog was ridiculous. 
And it rained the WHOLE WAY to Georgia. THE. WHOLE. WAY. 

Thank You, South Carolina. 

Welcome to Georgia. 
Everything is just peachy. 


In honor of 2013 being a BIG year of travel for me, I'm going to keep track of miles traveled by car and plane. I'm not ruling out trains or boats...I just don't have any of those trips planned, yet! :) And, no, I'm not keeping track of the miles that we drive to and from the office...just "trips."

So to date...
Total Miles Traveled: 1713
Miles by Car: 583
Miles by Plane: 1130   
Plane Trips: 2

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