January 20, 2013

Road-trip Roundup: Day Eight

Concord, NC to Weyers Cave, VA 
(via Morrow Mounain & Charlotte, NC)
694 Miles

We were so worried that Winter Storm Iago would disrupt our day, 
but there was only a light dusting when we woke up!

We stopped by a volunteer location and met their friendly HUGE dog. 
Precious pups. 

Then we headed to Morrow Mountain State Park and checked out their museum. 
After we got lost trying to get there and got help from some friendly town folk. 

Funny Story: We stopped into the Park's office to ask about how much swimming would cost next summer. 
One. The staff did not seem interested that we were visiting 
or surprised that we had actually found the place! 
Two. Pretty sure, they thought we wanted to go swimming in January, 
because they made sure to inform us that the pool wouldn't be open until Memorial Day. 

Road-trip Subway Count: 5

Leaving Charlotte... 

What up, I-77! 

I had to stop and refuel! 

Grandma and I celebrated the end of our LONG trip with ice cream!

The sun starts to set on our journey. 

On the final stretch of road! Hello, I-81, old friend! 

It's dark as we cross Fancy Gap. 
This stretch of roads has the prettiest views and I drove this way twice on this journey. 
First, it was CRAZY foggy. 
Second, it was nighttime. 


Two weary travelers home at last after almost 3,000 miles! 

2013 Trips & Miles
Total Miles Traveled:
Miles by Car: 2974
Miles by Plane: 1130
Plane Trips: 2

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