January 15, 2013

Road-trip Roundup: Day Five

North Fort Myers, FL to Zephyrhills, FL (via Barefoot Beach)
212 miles 

The Snowbird Life. Feeding "California Chickens" or egrits your leftover cereal early in the morning. 

"California Chickens"...seriously. Crack me up! 

Fresh Fruit & Dana was probably pleased to have bacon. :) 

Hey! Is that the More-With-Less cookbook I see! 

Doug, our fantastic ECHO docent, pointing out some bananas. 
Did you know that...each banana tree only produces one bunch of bananas per tree! 
But as the tree is producing fruit, a "bud" will start to grow from the banana trees root systems
 and a new banana tree springs up!

Dana trying a small fruit that was very similar to an apple. 
A fun part of our tour was getting to try some of the fruits or leaves from the plants! 
Doug would pass around a piece of fruit or a leaf for us to try. 

Doug demonstrating a water pump. 

Doug showing tomatoes that are growing (in the urban garden) without any soil. 

I thought the Urban Garden section was so fascinating! The whole tour had me feeling like I wanted to go home and plant a garden right now!

Then we checked out a beach, after stopping at the Shell Factory for lunch. 

Gopher Tortoises. Dana, I think I get why their called Gopher Tortoises...
maybe it's because they live underground or burrow.
 It seems glaringly obvious after looking at the this picture again. 

I-75...we meet again. 

Relaxing with some snacks at Aunt Reva's after a LONG few days. 
Looking forward to a visiting day and "short" drive to Jacksonville. I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing that I consider a 3 hour drive to Jacksonville short. 

2013 Trips & Miles 
Total Miles Traveled: 2794 
Miles by Car: 1664
Miles by Plane: 1130  
Plane Trips: 2

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