January 14, 2013

Road-trip Roundup: Day Four

Zephryhills, FL to North Fort Myers, FL
180 miles 

Good Morning, Florida.

Mamaw visiting with Papaw before we leave. 

Packing and un-packing the car is a nice little chore every morning. 
Thankfully, Mamaw and I didn't pack too much. 

A lovely Florida road. I am enjoying the sight of Spanish Moss. SO. MUCH. 

Oh, hey, I-75. Nice to see you again...FOREVER. 

But, I-75, I have to be honest with you...you do have some pretty interesting sights. Like this truck hauling oranges. 

The first (and hopefully the last!) time I will EVER coast into a gas station.
Just kidding...but we were pretty close.

Once we got to the camp ground where Midge and Stanley were staying
 they took us around the area. 
There's a 99% chance that Midge is pointing to a Subway. 
She showed us where AT LEAST 4 were during that drive. 

Like to the Shell Factor, where they have a Subway, tacky tourist pieces, and really expensive coral. 

Nine-Hundred Dollar Coral anyone? 

Banyan Trees. My favorite tree. 

Dirty glass. Gorgeous sunset. 

Waiting in the Cell Phone Lot to pick up Dana. This wasn't the end of our evening, but it was the end of my picture snapping. :/ FAIL, I know. BUT tomorrow holds ECHO and a beach. I'm pumped. 

2013 Trips & Miles 
Total Miles Traveled: 2582 
Miles by Car: 1452 
Miles by Plane: 1130   
Plane Trips: 2

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