January 12, 2013

Road-trip Roundup: Day Two

Atlanta, GA to Americus, GA 
129 miles

Our view from the South Terminal Cell Phone Lot.
15 minutes of watching planes land and take-off.
It was the perfect place to wait and meet Shawn.

How overwhelming is this welcome entrance for Fort Benning? Seriously!? As we were driving toward and under them, I was so taken aback by their grandeur that I missed my turn! You all...I accidentally tried to drive onto a military base! I reached the entrance where they screen your military ID and everything! But, me with my little Peace&Love license plates told the officer that I had missed my turn and just wanted to get back to the main road. They were kind enough to hold traffic for me while I made my U-Turn. But seriously...

A piece in the Koinonia museum. 
Koinonia has a long-standing history of Christian pacifism and 
often host protesters coming in for the School of Americas protest. 
Learn more about closing the School of Americas here

The Koinonia Chapel where community members and 
visitors gather during weekdays to pray and welcome the day together. 
We stopped in to watch the Briar's in the Patch documentary and check out the museum. 

Note the sandals. Unseasonably warm weather? Thank you, Global Warming. :/

Shawn checking out the Koinonia historical marker across from the community.

Koinonia Farms is an intentional Christian Community in Americus, GA. They have an established history of practicing racial equality dating back to 1942. Their founder, Clarence Jorden (pronounced Jerdan), was a New Testament Greek scholar and translated the Gospels into what are known as the Cotton Patch Gospels. Koinonia was, also, the birthplace of Habitat for Humanity.
You can read more about Koinonia's rich history and their vibrant present here.

2013 Trips & Miles
Total Miles Traveled: 1842 
Miles by Car: 712
Miles by Plane: 1130 
Plane Trips: 2

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