January 17, 2013

Road-trip Roundup: Day Seven

Jacksonville, FL to Concord, NC
393 Miles

Mmm. Breakfast. 

Hello, I-95! 

SUN. I will never forget you! 

Refueling for a long day of driving!

"Gals: The seat will always be down." 
Who keeps perpetrating these stereotypes that women pee with the seat down? Seriously. 

Greetings, I-77. 

The dark sky looms up ahead. 
Good-bye, Sun, I will not soon forget you and your lovely warmth. 
I think it's the beginning of Winter Storm Iago. 
Did anyone jump to this when they mentioned that the storm was called Iago? 
Because that's where I jumped. 

Subway Count: 4 

And it starts to RAIN at the church we're staying at. 

We waited about an extra 45 minutes for Becky to even be able to get off the plane. 

Then she had to wait another 20 minutes for us to get to the terminal. 
But eventually, we picked her up and made our way safely back to Concord. 

Does anyone else find this license plate funny?

2013 Trips & Miles
Total Miles Traveled: 3410
Miles by Car: 2280
Miles by Plane: 1130
Plane Trips: 2

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