January 13, 2013

Road-trip Roundup: Day Three

Americus, GA to Zephyrhills, FL (via Atlanta, GA)
560 miles

The guest house where we stayed while at Koinonia. The upper section houses guests and the lower section is the kitchen and dining hall for the community.

I ventured outside to drop off our linens in the laundry room and stumbled upon a foggy morning. 

The little yellow house in the background was the home of Florence Jordan, which was built for her after her husband passed away. The fog is so lovely and mystic. 

Each of the rooms in the Guest House have a special person associated with them. Grandma and I stayed in the Rachel Corrie room! Bridgewater College is doing a one-woman show this Spring about Rachel Corrie's life. 

We took some time to visit the Jimmy Carter historical site that was located in his old high school. They have renovated it to a Jimmy Carter museum essentially. This was a 1930's era classroom that was re-created to look like it might have when Jimmy was in elementary school. 

We also stopped by his boyhood home and farm. 

We passed through Fort Benning again on our way to the Atlanta Airport. We decided not to try and go in this time. You'd get distracted by those pillars too if you had to drive through them. 

After dropping Shawn off at the Atlanta Airport...this was our day. 75, 75, and a WHOLE LOT of I-75.

Grandma trying to snap a pick of our never-ending I-75. :)

The food is not exciting, but note the styrafoam cup. Really? You don't have a regular ol' bowl? 
Also, a man working at this IHOP asked if my sister needed anything...referring to my Grandma. 
She was kind of tickled. 

Georgia sunset across the parking lot. 

Roadtrip Life. 

Only 100 miles left! on 1-75! Holler!

Grandma and Aunt Reva visiting upon our arrival. 

The precious cat that I found on my bed. :)

2013 Trips & Miles
Total Miles Traveled: 2402 
Miles by Car: 1272
Miles by Plane: 1130 
Plane Trips: 2

PS - I learned today that the trip-ometer on my car resets itself after 1,000 miles. So...it's not very helpful for tracking trips over 1,000 miles. Unless you keep track of each 1,000. 

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